Base Locations & Usage

Originally published on September 26th, BEFORE DayZ Mod 1.8.8 (with base building) was released. Bases should not enclose, block or surround HIGH VALUE (MILITARY) structures, CASTLES, FUEL TANKS, WATER/PUMPS/WELLS, WAREHOUSES or VEHICLE spawns. Castles  are ALL vehicle spawns. Gas Stations are ALL vehicle spawns and mission spawns. Firehouses are MILITARY structures. Bases should not be used… Read More Base Locations & Usage

Server Development

Features I regularly add: More missions, especially in cities More spawn points for vehicles Any vehicles that are allowed in vanilla (I think I’ve found them all) Something I keep meaning to add: Announcements of voice side chat for public shaming Features I’m not adding: Enhanced Base Building We support vanilla, generic base-building of  wooden walls and gates. Whatever vanilla adds, we… Read More Server Development