Warehouses are a great place to find industrial items such as engines, tires, crowbars, fuel tanks, jerry cans and even food and building supplies. Warehouses can be found in: Northeast Air Field Krasnostov Berenzino (4) Solnichniy Kamyshovo Elektrozavodsk Prigorodky (add-on) Chernogorsk Balota (2) Pushtoshka Northwest Air Field (6) Northwest Air Field Annex

Cities and Towns

Everyone is familiar with the 3 cities of Cherno, Elektro and Berenzino. Did you know that there are 37 towns on the map? Cities Elektrozovodsk Chernogorsk Berenzino Towns Bor Dolina Drozhino Dubrovka Gvozdno Grishino Guglovo Kabanino Kamenka Kamyshova Khelm Komarovo Kozlovka Krasnostov Lopatino Mogalevka Msta Nadezhdino Nizhnoye Novy Sobor Olsha Orlovets Pavlovo Polana Prigorodky Pulkova Pustoshka… Read More Cities and Towns


Firestations are a good place to find loot – especially military weapons, backpacks and Etools. Firestations are also a good place to snipe from and to be sniped. There are firestations in a number of cities/towns, including: Krasnostov Northeast Air Field Berenzino (2) Elektrozavodsk (2) Chernogorsk (add-on) Balota Airstrip (add-on) Vybor Northwest Air Field