Alternate Clothing/Skins

There are 11 alternate clothing/skins options. You can access them by right-clicking on the existing clothing in your inventory. P Camo AA12 – Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC FR – FR_Cooper GUE1 – GUE_Soldier_Base GUE2 – GUE_Soldier_CO Soldier FR – FR_GL GUE – GUE_Commander ROCKET – Rocket_DZ US – US_Soldier_EP1 Sniper GUE – GUE_Soldier_Sniper BAF – BAF_Soldier_Sniper_MTP TAK –… Read More Alternate Clothing/Skins

Thanks to Rob Boss!

Rob Boss made a straight-up outstanding donation to the server! What are you waiting for? Sell your shoes or something.  I demand you donate now!  Every little bit helps. All funds go directly into the hosting account and will be used for the server. thanks again, Ski