The Dead Return SA is now live!

Fire up DayZSALauncher and search on “The Dead Return”.

The Dead Return is a lightly modded server, slanted a bit toward survival and the unknown. It will NOT be a NOSTAMINA / 100xLOOT / PVPALLDAY type of server. Meh.

For variety, there are extra vehicles, guns and clothes. I didn’t include every single item from every mod in the list. Instead, I picked out some of the more interesting items. For example, to keep the guns spawns manageable, I’ve stuck mostly to guns that use ammo already in the game (like 7.62×39 and 5.56×54, etc).  I also tweaked where some of the non-vanilla loot spawns so that everything isn’t considered Tier 3,4 and you need to go to NWAF or Tisy. I’ve also nerfed base destruction and car damage since those are 2 of the biggest issues in the vanilla game. Oh, and there are more zombies.

I’m open to adding mods, but keep the previous paragraph in mind.

Steam Collection of Current Mods

The big list of mods


Join the discord server to be part of the community and give feedback!



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