Any new news?

The Dead Return keeps going as some of the other few vanilla-based dayzmod servers die off. To be honest, for pop, you’re mostly left with Europa (pure vanilla), Die Autobahn (run and gun, like the old Hospital Server) and The Dead Return.

In theory there will be a DayZ Mod 1.9.1. A few of us agreed to get our changes in by the end of February. Not sure if that is realistic, but we’ll try. Proposed changes include new vehicles (me, some are done), skins and new base elements (towers).  Just have to wait and see like always.

DayZ SA? I’ve been testing it out and so far I like it. There are bugs for sure with persistence issues being the biggest one. It is supposedly fixed with the next patch. The comparison between SA and the mod is tough. At a high level, SA is missing weapons variety, vehicles (no aircraft!) but has so much more. Mods are being crafted now to fill the gaps, so I think The Dead Return SA will happen. When? When its ready.




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