How-To Change Vehicle Spawn Locations

If you haven’t read “Understanding Vehicles in the Database“, now is a good time.

The 3 tables related to vehicle spawn location are:

  • object_data – Stores information about all vehicles and player created objects (tents, stashes, sandbag walls, tank traps, walls, gates, tripwires, etc)
  • vehicle_locations – Sets of vehicle locations
  • vehicle_spawns – List of all vehicles as well as chance to spawn and various other attributes

The procedure that spawns vehicles is:

  • pSpawnVehicles

Take a look at the SQL files in the release package or  the DayZ Mod github. You’ll see the location sets are specific to certain types of vehicles.  Many of the aircraft locations are at airports, urals are in industrial locations, cars and pickups at houses and motorcycles and bicycles are near train stations.


The vehicle_spawns table has a column named “Location” which is the index to the sets of spawn locations in vehicle_locations

The vehicle_locations table has the following columns:

  • ID – number that represents the inventory set and matches the Inventory column of vehicle_spawns. There can be 1 to N number of rows per set.
  • Worldspace – map location to place the vehicle. Worldspace is NOT the same as the (X, Y) map coordinates.
    • Worldspace example [123,[456.0,789.0,0]]
      1. 123 is the direction from 0-360
      2. 456.0 is the X coordinate [West-East]
      3. 789.0 is the Y coordinate [North-South]
      4. 0 is the Z coordinate [height, where 0 is ground level]


  • Be careful when changing spawn locations since there needs to be enough space to spawn the vehicle in question. Placing vehicles in invalid locations (like the ocean) causes them to spawn and then be destroyed and slows down server startup.
  • There are no standard tools to compute worldspace. One way to figure worldspace is to move or teleport (with an admin tool) and then look in the object_data table row of that vehicle. You can also move the player and write a script to log the player position.
  • Go here for a popular calculator between map coordinates and worldspace.

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