How-To Increase Loot Spawn

Generally increasing the amount of loot that spawns is easy. Changing the spawn rate or location of individual items is harder because have to include a number of files in the mission.

So, lets start with general increase in loot.

    1. Create a custom building_spawnLoot.sqf [extract this file from dayz_code.pbo and place it in your mission folder in a directory named “custom”] .
    2. Edit your custom building_spawnLoot.sqf and  change this line:
      _lootChance = getNumber (_config >> "lootChance");

      to this:

      _lootChance = .85;
    3. Edit init.sqf in the mission folder and find this line:
      call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf";

      add add this directly after it:

      call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\compiles.sqf";
    4. If you do not already have a custom compiles.sqf, then create it and put this in it:
      if (!isDedicated) then {
      	building_spawnLoot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\building_spawnLoot.sqf";
    5. If you do have one, then just add:
      building_spawnLoot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\building_spawnLoot.sqf";


Now there is a constant 85% chance all buildings will spawn loot. The defaults are anywhere from 10% – 90%, with most set at 30% – 40%.


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