TDR Updated to 1.9.0 QF1

  • Fixed, Removed town generator sandbags clipped in Berezino zero_building
  • Land_Mil_Guardhouse (db5aa20)
  • Fixed, PublicVariable value restriction kicks for parentheses ( ) (83bf13c)
  • Fixed, Wrong loot position for Land_Shed_W01 (8845884)
  • Fixed, Hospital loot chance lowered from 1.0 to 0.2 (fba39c7)
  • Fixed, Temporary freeze at login for fresh spawns (a259708)
  • Fixed, Some floating pallets and no geometry RPT errors for ca\misc\pallets_column.p3d due to bad objects in GvozdnoMilitaryBase POI (1ec13bd)
  • Fixed, Land_Shed_W4 zero_building near Cherno was too high above terrain to enter and near fences were floating (1ec13bd)
  • Fixed, Removed some map objects that clip into the new Land_houseV_2T2 (green house) interior (504da5a)
  • Fixed, Three high traffic Land_houseV_2T2 back stairs which were too high to enter (504da5a)
  • Note, The Land_houseV_2T2 back stairs issue affects half of all Land_houseV_2T2 on the map (30+). The rest will be fixed with a model update in the next patch. Front entrances are all working correctly.

plus some new anti-scripting code.

let me know if you have any issues.

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