Nutritional and Blood Regen Values

Quick and dirty chart of the nutritional and blood regeneration values all the food and drinks.   Item Blood Regenerated {Energy, Food, Water, Temperature} ItemCanteen : FoodDrink Nutrition[] = {0,0,1000,0}; ConsumableBase bloodRegen = 0; FoodDrink : ConsumableBase Nutrition[] = {150,0,0,0}; FoodEdible : ConsumableBase Nutrition[] = {239,150,0,0}; ItemSoda : FoodDrink Nutrition[] = {90,0,100,0}; FoodRaw : FoodEdible… Read More Nutritional and Blood Regen Values

Where Can I Find [something]?

Players are constantly asking “Where can I find [something]?”.  Apart from AI or missions, here’s a list of the most commonly asked about items and their vanilla loot location. eToolHangar, Military, MilitarySpecial (barracks) Item Type of Location(s) Arrow – Explosive Hunter (Deer Stand) Arrow – Tranqualizer Hunter (Deer Stand) Camping Tent Castle, Hunter (Deer Stand),… Read More Where Can I Find [something]?

DayZ Mod 1.9.0 has been released!

I have not updated the server yet, so if you get kicked, you’ll have to go into steam-arma2:dayzmod, right click properties, beta, 1.8.9. Ideally I’ll have the server updated tonight. Check out the full changelog. Highlights include: These are the highlights from the release New, DayZero enterable buildings provided by Tansien and Zac ( New,… Read More DayZ Mod 1.9.0 has been released!

Thanks to Cervega!

Cervega has made an admirable  donation to the server! What are the rest of you thinking? The Dead Return is hoping for a good holiday season. Donate now!  Every little bit helps. All funds go directly into the hosting account and will be used for the server. thanks again, Ski