Server Updated October 20, 2017 9am ET

  1. Added new skins for hero > 25k and bandit < -25k
  2. Applied all interim dayzmod fixes (QF1-10). Big list below. Highlights include:
    • Satchels removed from heli crashes
    • Barracks can now spawn most weapons
    • Screws spawn at a higher rate

DayZ Mod Quick fixes

Fixed, Vehicle_Getout system reporting vehicles to all players,
Fixed, HumanityMorph should no longer suspends its self causing clones.
Updated, Crashsite loot removed c4.

Updated, Player Breakin logging system readded,
Updated, Random chance system. (Chance * 100) > (Random 100),
Updated, Server rules now moved to config.sqf.

Updated, Havest brake chances to happen the first time you havest rather then each loop.
Updated, Player Breakin chances to happen before the loop happens.
Updated, Barracks loot lowered c4 chances.
Updated, Removed skin change while dealing damage. (Temp to stop clones)

Fixed, Blocked another A2OA script execution exploit.
Updated, Random chance system.

Fixed, Breakin log report

Updated, Barracks weapon loot should hold more or less the same as crashsite with lower chances,
Updated, Brakin system can no longer be spammed.

Updated ItemScrews chances
Updated, Construction chance to 4 from 1.5
Updated, Industrial chance to 3 from 1.5
Added, Supermarket chance 3
Updated, Breakin Chance changed to 14% up from 4%
Updated, Breakin chance system moved back into each loop.

Fixed issues with loot tables not loaded correct

Corrected issues with breakin and rewrote parts of the script

Fixed issue with chopwood


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