DayZ Mod 1.8.9 is coming!

It just started to be tested. You can read the full changelog here : Keep in mind some of these items were released as a Quick Fix (QF) post 1.8.8 and applied already.

Some highlights:

  • Added, Giving splints to another person now grants humanity. (25)
  • Updated, Bat damage increased to crowbar level. Nailed and barbed bats increased to the same as hatchet.
  • Updated, Reverted pain effect to old violent shaking instead of subtle gun sway.
  • Fixed, Field hospital tent misplaced behind Cherno factory.
  • Fixed, Floating loot.
  • Removed, WireFence Due to issues with some players and graphic glitches this item has been removed.
  • Removed, Trains POI for now and added NWAF tent camp POI.

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