POI Removed for Performance

A few days ago I removed a few of the extra PO for performance sake:

  1. extra house + junk on skalisty island
  2. random first aid stations around the map
  3. bridge to skalisty and the city on the island
  4. Misc enhancements to Berenzino, Elektro, Cherno

The server still has:

  1. Base Klen
  2. Base Dichina (near Vybor)
  3. Enhanced Prig
  4. Seaside Bay (city between Eletro and Cap Golova)
  5. Northern Zone (base nw of Pobeda Dam)
  6. Enhanced Balota
  7. West Kamenka
  8. Enhanced Krasnotstov
  9. Enhanced NWAF

I’d like to remove some more, because I get the feeling they aren’t being visited. I MAY be able to rewrite code and add some back, but I think performance is more important. Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “POI Removed for Performance

  1. I don’t go to the northen base often (mostly due to lack of transportation). Otherwise I think it’s good as it is now 🙂

    Having said that. I know there are plenty of vehicles, but would it be possible to maybe put in some more bikes randomly on the map? Helps keep the pace up imo


  2. I often go into the Northern Zone because, just like Slarty said, there is no one going there, so it’s rather safe haha
    Making it closer could make it more appealing maybe? Also there’s a vehicle cemetary, how about a chopper spawn area inside lol

    Adding a couple of things would be cool, such as more military vehicles, a better base building system

    I used to play a lot before, like 2-3 years ago, now it’s up to 3-4 servers now, your server with all the basic vanilla game brings back so many memories and why it was this great even tough it wasn’t much


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