How-To Create A Non-Chernarus DayZ Mod Vanilla Server

If you are interested in setting up a server with a different map, contact me via email or Discord .


  1. Your mission directory name must end in “.MAPNAME”.
    • The default is dayz_1337.Chernarus where the “1337” represents the instanceid (but is not required) and the “.Chernarus” represents the map name (required).
    • Don’t forget to edit Missions:DayZ->template in server.cfg
    • Map Names
      1. Lingor = lingor
      2. Namalsk = namalsk
      3. Napf = napf
      4. Panthera = panthera
      5. Ruegen = ruegen
      6. Sahrani = smd_sahrani_2
      7. Takistan  = takistan
      8. Taviana = tavi
      9. Zargabad  = zargabad
  2. Your mission file needs to be updated for the centerpoint and various spawn points and needs to load the correct addons
  3. Init.sqf
    • Do not need dayz_POI (fixed in 1.8.9 for non-Chernarus)
    • Do not need dayz_infectiousWaterholes (fixed in 1.8.9 for non-Chernarus)
    • dayz_towngenerator should be set to false (not in 1.8.9)
  4. The spawn screens need to be redone (overridden) OR you need to use something like  ESSV3.
    • Spawn screens can be overridden in description.ext. You” need to make a local copy of “RscDisplaySpawnSelecter.hpp” and you’ll need to create a stub class for RscActiveText [todo – create a page for this]
  5. The database needs to be changed
    • remove the call to pCleanupOOB() in pMain() since there is no out of bounds case on an island OR update pCleanupOOB() accordingly
  6. Vehicles
    1. At a minimum, vehicle_locations needs to be rewritten for each map
      • []
    2. Optionally, you could rewrite vehicle_spawns, vehivcle_inventory, vehicle_hitpoints, vehicle_groups, vehicle_spawns_groups
  7. Start the server with the correct parameters
    • Lingor = @lingor
    • Namalsk = @namalsk
    • Napf = @napf
    • Panthera = @panthera
    • Ruegen = @ruegen
    • Sahrani = @smd_sahrani_2
    • Takistan  (nothing extra, includes with core arma2)
    • Taviana = @Taviana
    • Zargabad  (nothing extra, includes with core arma2)

Downloads for the individual maps


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