How-To Create A Non-Chernarus DayZ Mod Vanilla Server


If you are interested in setting up a server with a different map, contact me via email or Discord .

Setting up another map is easy once you have already setup Chernarus and you understand the structure and configuration of the server.

  1. server.cfg must be updated to refer to the correct template (mission). It look something like this:
    class Missions
    	class DayZ 
    		template = dayz_1337.Chernarus;
    		difficulty = "Veteran";
    • The “.Chernarus” represents the map name. The “dayz_1337” is an optional convention where 1337 represents the instanceid.
      • In this case the mission would be in a directory named \arma2oa\mpmissions\dayz_1337.Chernarus
    • Some known map names
      1. Caribou = caribou
      2. Lingor = lingor
      3. Namalsk = namalsk
      4. Napf = napf
      5. Panthera = panthera2
      6. Ruegen = ruegen
      7. Sahrani = smd_sahrani_2
      8. Takistan  = takistan
      9. Taviana = tavi
      10. Utes = utes
      11. Zargabad  = zargabad
  2. mission.sqm  needs to be updated for the various coordinates (centerpoint, heli crashes, care packages, spawn points) and needs to load the correct addons.
  3. Check out the epoch github for guidance. It has support for many maps.
  4. config.sqf settings need to be updated for non-Chernarus maps
    • Do not need dayz_POI (fixed in 1.8.9 for non-Chernarus)
      • dayz_POIs = false;
    • Do not need dayz_infectiousWaterholes (fixed in 1.8.9 for non-Chernarus)
      • dayz_infectiousWaterholes = false;
    • dayz_towngenerator should be set to false (not in 1.9.0)
      • dayz_townGenerator = false;
  5. description.ext should be updated to override the spawn screen OR you need to use something like  ESSV3 by ebayShopper (much easier).
    • Full writeup HERE and summary below:
      • Make a local copy of dayz_code\configs\RscDisplaySpawnSelecter.hpp and add it to description.ext
      • Create a stub class for RscActiveText and add it to the top
      • Create new spawn images and edit paths
  6. pCleanupOOB.sql needs to be updated with map appropriate values
    • Alternatively, remove the call to pCleanupOOB() in pMain().
  7. vehicle_locations.sql needs to be updated with map appropriate worldspace
    • Do NOT start the server with vehicles/objects in object_data that have Chernarus worldspace coordinates. The server will spawn the vehicles and the ones with invalid locations will be damaged/destroyed in-game and the server will most likely hang.
  8. Start the server with the extra map parameter.
    • Lingor = @lingor
    • Namalsk = @namalsk
    • Napf = @napf
    • Panthera = @panthera
    • Ruegen = @ruegen
    • Sahrani = @smd_sahrani_2
    • Takistan  (nothing extra, includes with core arma2)
    • Taviana = @Taviana
    • Utes  (nothing extra, includes with core arma2)
    • Zargabad  (nothing extra, includes with core arma2)

Downloads for the individual maps


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