Base Locations & Usage

  1. Bases should not enclose, block or attach to ANY MILITARY location, HANGAR, FIREHOUSE, CASTLE, GAS STATION, FUEL TANK, WAREHOUSE, WATER/PUMP/WELL or VEHICLE spawn.
    • This includes Balota, NEAF, NWAF, NWAF Annex, NW Secret Base, Kamyshova Checkpoint, Shakhova Checkpoint, Berenzino Soccer Fields, Cherno Med Tents, Balota Med Tents, Base Novy Lug, Base Dichina, Green Mountain and the Northern Zone.
    • Checkpoints are MILITARY locations.
    • Hangars are all MILITARY structures.
    • Firehouses, ATC, Jail/Brig, Barracks, Military Tents, Large Radio/TV Towers (like in Green Mountain and Svetjolarsk) are MILITARY structures.
    • If is spawns MILITARY gear, its probably a MILITARY structure.
    • Castles are ALL vehicle spawns and the primary source of padlocks.
    • Gas Stations are ALL vehicle spawns and mission spawns.
    • Blocking water sources discourages gameplay.
  2. Bases should not be used to hoard vehicles.
    1. Vehicles are for transportation.
    2. Hoarding is subjective. Too bad.


  • Revised on December 29, 2018 (No building in military locations)
  • Revised on October 17, 2018 (Clarified HANGARS and Firehouses, ATC, Jail/Brig, Barracks, Military Tents are MILITARY structures.
  • Revised again on July 16, 2017 (clarified FIREHOUSES)
  • Revised again on January 23, 2017 (clarified GAS STATIONS)
  • Revised again on January 16, 2017 (clarified CASTLES)
  • Revised again on December 9, 2016 (no high value locations)
  • Revised on October 21, 2016

6 thoughts on “Base Locations & Usage

  1. Are we going to see chainsaws added in order to make it easier to break into bases?

    Is there a way to use melee weapons, i.e. hatchet or sledge, to break down gates?


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