Hackers, Scripters & Cheaters

I don’t like hackers, scripters or cheaters. I ban them when I have proof. Unfortunately,just because you got killed or you base got blown up doesn’t automatically mean someone cheated. Also, just because you accuse them, it doesn’t mean I have proof.

What I do have is log files that show a number of things that have happened on the server, but not every single little tiny detail and movement. I also have database backups every few hours I can refer back to.

On top of that I personally have years of dayzmod admin experience AND I have a number of other admins from other servers that I share information with. We catch a lot of people, but unfortunately, they keep coming. Trust me, we work very hard at it.

In fact, since the new and improved “Dead Return” went live in Match 2016, 894 accounts and IP addresses were banned. I’m sure I’ll hit 1,000 soon. Sad, but true.


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