Update 9:00 AM ET December 31, 2016

Mission Updates Takistani Looters – spawns near certain buildings with appropriate loot Special Ops Landing – spawns randomly on the coast Heli Evacuation – spawns on top of factories, apartment buildings, hospitals and construction sites Army Convoy – spawns at any gas station ALL Missions – AI patterns changed   NAPF Server Same mission changes… Read More Update 9:00 AM ET December 31, 2016

Base Locations & Usage

Bases should not enclose, block or surround HIGH-VALUE (MILITARY) structures, HANGARS, CASTLES, FUEL TANKS, WATER/PUMPS/WELLS, WAREHOUSES or VEHICLE spawns. Don’t Build on the Airfields or Castles at all. Hangars are all MILITARY structures. Castles  are ALL vehicle spawns. Gas Stations are ALL vehicle spawns and mission spawns. Firehouses, ATC, Jail/Brig, Barracks, Military Tents are MILITARY structures.… Read More Base Locations & Usage