General Update – November 10,2016

I have to say now that basebuilding is back, I don’t see the purpose other than to store vehicles. You used to hide things in the woods, but now you put up a fence that’s highly visible. What could be done to make bases more interesting?

I know I said I’d implement temperature and I have it in on the test server at 50% effectiveness and I just need to push it out and see how its received.

I’m also starting to think about revising, removing and/or creating new missions. Some of the ones on here have been in use for over a year, so they are getting old. I’d like something that’s more of a 2-step process for a reward. Sortof like the AN2 drop. ¬† Ideas?

Is anyone up for swapping missions for roaming AI?

Anyway, if you have some ideas, send them my way.


4 thoughts on “General Update – November 10,2016

  1. I think people should be allowed to have one (not more to prevent people from hoarding vehicles) car in their base if they want to.
    In general I don’t find many vehicles.

    Could be bad luck from my part, but maybe increase the amount (of civillian cars/bikes) a little?


    1. I wish it was that easy. What about 2 bases next to each other? Are they friend or do they have a truce? Right now I’m working on not allowing construction near buildings. After that I’m thinking of numbers of vehicles and/or last_movement / last_update. Fences degrade after a week, maybe vehicles that don’t move should be respawned? Thinking out loud for now.


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