Should temperature be enabled?

Every once in a while I see people asking about temperature. It was disabled on the original server I inherited and I disabled in on The Dead Return.

The commenters have misunderstood – it was disabled to make the game easier. It works just fine. You will have run, use heatpacks, build fires and get inside buildings and vehicles to get warm.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.



5 thoughts on “Should temperature be enabled?

    1. i agree only enable it if it is working properly i don’t know what the problem was with it in the first place im still kinda new to dayz but if its been fixed im all down for it


  1. yea i think the temperature should be turned on its a survival game taking place in north east europe it gets pretty cold there and i think it would add a bit more challenge to the game making it more fun trying to survive


  2. I would like to see Temp turned ON. At least introduce a trial run for 30 days or so. After all, the heat packs are quite plentiful.


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