Vehicles on top of Inaccessible Places

Please don’t put vehicle on top of inaccessible places – like buildings and castles. Doing that and logging out is bad form in my opinion.

It’s happened twice recently and I’m pretty sure I know who checked out on top of Rog last night (but I won’t shame you here). I see you have some morphine and bandages, so you should just jump and patch yourselves up.



2 thoughts on “Vehicles on top of Inaccessible Places

  1. Right after the server rebooted…i think it was around 3:00pm maybe? Me and a friend ended up at the northeast airfield ( i think thats it, its only my third day playing) and we noticed a BRAND new plane loaded with supplies, so we ran towards it and noticed one wing was in the hangar and the other was out. We couldnt get teh thing to take off because apparently planes can go in reverse, so we had to abort the plan to take off in the plane from the airfield. : ( Now, im not sure if this is a glitch or an act of a player, im just lettin’ you know! – Blazk0


  2. thanks. Most people are terrible pilots, especially the ones trying to fly the airplane, so 90% of the time its stuck like you saw. The airplane is removed/respawned every 48 hours to prevent this. In 1.8.8 a reverse function has been added to help this and then I may change my respawn rule.


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