Extra Scripts

I’ve added a few extra scripts for your enjoyment

  1. Supply Drop
    • Requires a toolbox, radio, scrap electronics and duct tape in main inventory
    • Must climb to the top of a radio, cell or TV tower (extra have been added).
      • Towers like Green Mountain, Olsha and some at NWAF
    • The “Supply Drop” Menu will appear and there is a random chance (80%) an Mi-17 will be dispatched with a random set of supplies (pistol/rifle/food/meds/pack/junk).
    • The duct tape will always be consumed
    • There is a random chance (12%) the scrap electronics may break (be consumed)
  2. Debug Menu (Press INS to toggle)
    • Shows current Weapon, Survived (DD:HH:MM), Blood, Hunger, Thirst, Humanity, Murders, Bandit Kills, Zombie Kills, Headshots, Players Online
  3. Suicide
    • Available when you have a pistol + ammo
    • Puts you out of your misery (w/confirmation)
  4. Bury Body
    • Available when you have an eTool or a shovel
    • Gear will appear in a box at the foot of the grave.
    • You gain 10 humanity points for burying a body

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