Update 9:00 AM ET July 27, 2016

Starter Loadout and Mission changes in this release.

  • Starter Loadout Changes (levels and loadouts descriptions here)
    • Starter Loadout is based on humanity and your gear will be placed in a box next to you on (post-death) spawn. Wait a few seconds for the box to be filled.
    • There will still be a few common items on every player (Radio, Bandages, Flares, Beans)
    • The starter loadout intentionally has less gear than before. There needs to be a balance between reward and survival.
    • I believe the humanity glitch has been solved (humanity=0), but if  it isn’t, you’ll just have to die and try again. You will see a message “Glitch – Unknown humanity.” if this occurs.
  • Mission Changes (All mission descriptions here)
    1. Updated the BanditSquad, LootingTakis and StashHouse missions. The changes have a random aspect to them, but you’ll notice it immediately.
    2. Updated the ArmyConvoy mission to now have 6 locations across the map.
    3. Updated the ArmyTransport mission to now have 3 locations across the map.




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