Upcoming changes to loadouts

I’ve been working on the loadout code again. I believe its finally consistent in picking up player humanity. All new spawns will get a few standard items in their player inventory and the rest, based on humanity, will be in a box.

Just as an FYI – I’ve dialed back the gear that you get on spawn. After reviewing it, there was just too much. You need enough to get going, no more.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming changes to loadouts

  1. Hey Ski, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to add in levels to heroes and bandits. Each level would have a different skin and would require a certain amount of humanity. Seen this in another vanilla server and thought it would be a cool idea. There was 3 levels for each.


  2. The heroes and bandits loadouts do have levels. Search on loadout and you’ll see the current system. As noted here, the skin based one will be removed. Skins – thats a possibility but I know skins are locked down a bit in vanilla. I’ll have to look around on the code. I’ll put i on my list.


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