Server Glitches 9:00am ET July 12, 2016

Ok, so the server keeps getting the “disappearing tents/stashes/vehicles” glitch. In case you are not familiar:

If you login and all the tents, stashes, vehicles and anything else player-made is gone, then its a glitch.

  • After restart, the first player that logs in causes all of the objects to load into the server. If that player gets disconnected or an error occurs, nothing will load for anyone.  The server needs to be restarted to fix this.

I talked to some other admins and they gave me a configuration to try. Unfortunately, the server seemed to get the glitch again last night. Still searching.

A side effect of this change I made was that the server was not available from 3am-9am ET for the past few days. Oops.



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