Extra Scripts

I’ve added a few extra scripts for your enjoyment Debug Menu (Press INS to toggle) Shows current Weapon, Survived (DD:HH:MM), Blood, Hunger, Thirst, Humanity, Murders, Bandit Kills, Zombie Kills, Headshots, Players Online Suicide Available when you have a pistol + ammo Puts you out of your misery (w/confirmation) Bury Body Available when you have an… Read More Extra Scripts

Update 9:00 PM ET July 14, 2016

One new feature and some mission modifications. Added the option to put in earplugs while in vehicles. Expanded the “Elektro Convoy” mission to spawn at 6 different locations (Elektro, Zelenegorsk, West Kamenka, Vybor, Gorka, Solnichny) Expanded the “Transport Helicopter” mission to spawn in 3 different locations (Cherno, Balota, Berenzino) I have a couple of other… Read More Update 9:00 PM ET July 14, 2016

Thanks to stijn!

stijn made a generous donation to the server on July 12, 2016. More of you should donate NOW. It will enlighten you! Every little bit helps. All funds go directly into the hosting account and will be used for the server. thanks again, Ski