CONTEST Starting 3am ET May 21, 2016

I had made an informal challenge to some players a while ago to find the snowman and I’d give out some prize. Priest found it. This time the contest will be more formal.

I left 2 Satellite Phones in 2 different sheds in Chernarus. I knew I’d forget where they were so I took a picture of each one. Can you find one or both of them?

Contest Rules:

  • Locate one or both of the Satellite phones (bonus if you find BOTH)
  • Send me an email with a screen shot (wider than the ones below), map coordinates AND name of town. Send the email to Include your player name.
  • The FIRST player to email me one or both will win.

Prize for finding each Satellite Phone:

  • 2500 Humanity
  • One Dome tent
  • 2 weapons of your choice, plus 10 clips for each (+5 explosive shells if needed)
    • Available weapons are listed here
  • 25 MREs
  • 5 Boiled Bottles of Water
  • 1 Etool
  • 2 Czech Packs
  • 2 Range Finders

If you find both, I’ll add 2 pair of Night Vision Goggles AND 2 Satchel Charges (new!).

I haven’t seen any chatter or comments or questions. If you think the prize should be better, leave a comment below (and don’t ask for a helicopter. lol).

Satellite Phone #1


Satellite Phone #2



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