Hacking Incident ~10pm ET April 27, 2016

The night started out well again as we got over 20 users. Unfortunately, 2 players decided to hack the server by killing almost everyone across the entire map. After further analysis and help from other server admins, we determined the player I banned last night , +HHG+Lostitallnow, was not the hacker. Unfortunately, the logs pointed directly at him, so it was the best I could do last night in the heat of the moment.

Two other players were the culprits. If you are an admin, you can join the DayZMod Discord channel and see the full ban info.

The other side affect is that players lost all of their gear. In 1.8.7 of DayZMod, a players backpack and inventory is erased when they die. That means I cannot roll you back to the last state like I could with I’ve reported this to the devs and I’m trying to think of an interim solution. Of course, this doesn’t happen that often and I hope it doesn’t happen again.  Remember you live and DIE in Chernarus!




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