Update 8:00 AM ET April 26, 2016

I’ve been working on some code again:

  1. Created a new Orange Mission – Missing Cargo. You’ll have to work this one a few times before I’ll post the details on the mission page.
  2. Death Messages should finally be gone. I admit its fun to see who died at a mission, but it is an advantage too. I’ve always wanted to remove it.
  3. The map should basically center on you when it comes up (no more having it in the corner every time)
  4. Tweaked the humanity based loadouts a bit by adding/removing some items for different levels. This code is still not 100% done since once in a while you’ll login and it will say you have zero humanity, even though you don’t. I am stillĀ searching for a solution.

Lately I’ve been asked about recycling vehicles due to non-use since people claim they can’t find them. You need to roam around more. Why? – because that’s the game and also because:

  1. I queried the database yesterday and there were 25 vehicles in spawn including 2 helicopters, 2 ATVs, 3 pickups, 6 cars, 5 motorcycles, 4 bikes and 3 boats.
    • Just an FYI that the server has many custom spawn locations.
  2. I looked at the dates they were last used and only 3 were more than a week ago.
    • This value seems to be more accurate in 1.8.7/latest-arma2oa meaning that there are no longer mass updates to this date.
  3. I personally ran / drove through a large city to a smaller one and found a working bus, a working pickup and a broken down pickup.
    • Ask around – the players that roam find things. Don’t just run straight from Balota to NWAF. That is the corridor with the most traffic and least vehicles. As a matter of fact, skip NWAF. There are plenty of other places to visit.



2 thoughts on “Update 8:00 AM ET April 26, 2016

  1. Have to agree 100% about the vehicles, I can’t do anything without finding at least 1 working vehicle, usually a few that I have to decide which one is “the one”.

    Scour the map, find the spawns, find the stashed ones, and go for it. Bikes are all over the place there’s no excuse, if you are unable to find transport it’s because you are going straight to the AF to bandit.

    I tried the Missing Cargo mission the other night and I’d believe I got it down to 1 little jerk flanker that I couldn’t find. Spark showed up and he couldn’t find him either, got right up to the cargo crates twice without being shot at then logged off.


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