Update 1:00pm ET March 22, 2016

There have been a few questions/observations, so I’ll share the answers with everyone.

  1. Radios/Groups are good. Glad everyone likes them.
  2. Loot is scarce. 187 rewrote the loot tables to make high end guns, packs and other items more scarce. I tweaked the loot tables just like before, making them always spawn loot in a given area. I personally thought there was more loot, but I’ll look into it again.
  3. Inventory glitches. These could be true 187 bugs OR I’ve put items in vehicles during spawns or in missions that are invalid (187 changed a bunch of classnames again)
    • Triple-Checked this and found that  I had the wrong class names for the M16 and the TranqBolt in vehicle spawns. Checked the Db and nobody had the wrong values on characters or in tents/stashes.
    • If something is disappearing, please drop me a line if you can remember what it was and where you got it (vehicle, mission,box,zombie,looting,etc.)
  4. AI don’t have Guns or Ammo
    • If you run over AI with a vehicle, they will not have their guns and ammo.
    • The AI are give 4 clips by default and they do run out of ammo, but I’ll add some logging and watch this.

8 thoughts on “Update 1:00pm ET March 22, 2016

  1. Keep in mind I’m not what I consider a hardcore DayZ player, but here is my take on 1.8.7 so far.

    Ammo for some guns (Sniper rifles) is really really really hard to find.
    Every time I check a killed zombie there are no items on them.
    After the last three missions we completed last night, the only a couple of AI had any ammo.
    The M113 is glitched. enemy fire has a chance of getting you a battle-eye kick.
    I found the tents of semi-awesome. (What we EPA guys called the random goodie tents) They were OK, mostly food.

    Inventory Issues:
    – I had an issue siphoning gas, I had 5 empty 20l Jerry cans, Siphoned the truck and it gave me the normal messages.actions expect it said I transferred 0L of fuel each time. Then the 20L cans were not in my inventory.
    The cans were loot acquired and were in my Ural.

    I- also lost a bunch of M24 ammo in my character inventory, not sure how. But I had it before the server restarted and not when I needed it after the restart.

    Rarer inventory issues
    – I’ve also seen cars with dual inventories, One I can access and one the driver did. I had placed an wheel and engine parts in the car and
    only I could see them. Saw this in too
    – Switching guns to a melee weapon in a gear mode in a vehicle will sometimes make the weapon appear to disappear.
    – Breaking a DMR into 4xM24 will sometimes seem to make the ammo disappear. Closing & re-opening gear menu will refresh it.

    KAPT Kipper


  2. good comments. They are similar to others. Ammo is related to the new 187(stingy) loot spawn. Hoping missions will make up for it.

    Did the mission to kill the AI last a long time? They do run out. I’ve added some logging to check this out too.
    M113 – I saw that and added some BE exceptions. I’ll keep watching the logs.
    Siphoning – do you mean you didn’t have them in you main inventory? I am pretty sure they need to be.
    Lost items – I’ve heard this a few times.

    I’ll watch, test and compile other issue for the dayzmod devs if I can’t find some of my mods causing it.


  3. The AI missions seem easier somehow, completing them with CZs? The AI was running out of ammo too fast, you’ve either got to coordinate and drop as many as you can before they start firing or just give up trying to secure good ammo. Then you play hide and seek with the last ai who runs away and hides because he has no more ammo.

    There is not shortage of vehicles with wheels. The flying and floating variety seems to be lacking though. I haven’t lost any weapons as of yet but I have lost CZ ammo and a small camo net that was placed in my truck before I logged out.

    Food and water seems more important, and plentiful, with 187. When I first logged in I was able to secure an AK with mags, GPS, 2 maps, hunting knife and toolbox within 15 minutes of a fresh coast spawn.

    All in all i’m loving 187, but would love some DMR mags.


  4. I’ve found the AI missions easier than before, I would have never attempted one with a few mags for a CZ, we’ve already done a few with no deaths.

    The AI running out of ammo is going to be a pain in the butt as you need to prioritize targets by the ammo you need, and drop them before they start shooting. While this would make them more difficult to a degree, because you get less good ammo and need to engage fast, once they run out of ammo they just kinda run around. I’d consider giving them more ammo not unlimited ammo but considerably more so they actually put up a fight.

    All in all 187 is great, the radio/group stuff was sorely needed and really changes up how this plays out with teamwork.


  5. The AI mission may indeed have lasted a bit long, not as long as the solo missions I’ve done. They did return a lot of fire.
    Last night’s missions provided more loot (high end guns, like the DMR and L110) and enough ammo to replace the expended amount and then some. They were engaged at 600m+ and returned a small amount of fire compared to other missions.
    That was a very large red mission. The orange missions were about the same as I commented, limited ammo.
    We did notice the AI was flanking really well.

    The jerrycans were all in my main inventory and a hose. They were the only things in my main inventory. After the procedure, only the hose remained in my inventory.

    Lost items are nothing new. I guess I was hoping for a bit more stable inventory management.


  6. I added ammo to the AI, but strange you think they are easier. I didn’t change them at all.
    One thing I’m still looking into – I don’t remember then shooting each other, which they seem to do now. This could be something to do with the side they are on, but I don’t think dayz changed the core code.


  7. We did step our game up. One last thing. I’ve noticed some vehciles are showing up with ‘degraded’ – bullet holed skins, only they aren’t degraded mechanically. The Ural I had also disappeared on a server restart. I logged out at 5mins, came back to find no Ural, and no weeks worth of carefully collected stuff.


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