Small Server Update

  1. I removed the mission in Cherno that had the heli landing on top of the factory. Too much work for too little reward.
  2. I tweaked the chance that missions will spawn since some were coming up twice in a row.
  3. I added the M113 to the vehicle spawn mix. This vehicle somehow surfaced when arma2oa was updated last December and then subsequently wasn’t banned by the dayzmod devs in 187. Shh, don’t tell anyone.
  4. Last night I saw there were a few BattlEye kicks around the newly added M113. I added BattlEye exceptions for those. Ping me if you get kicked.

I’m working on 2 new missions right now. One is a “standard” Major mission with a bunch of AI and good rewards. The other is a much harder one with way too many AI, but the rewards are always worth it, right?

If you have ideas or suggestions, send me a note or leave a comment below.



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