1.8.7 Update 9:21PM ET March 11,2016

The biggest issue right now is that the hosting company, VILAYER, has not responded to tickets to upgrade arma2oa. I am worried since dayzlauncher + steam are on 1.8.7, people will start to leave. Right now, not all server have upgraded, but its only a matter of time.

I have the 1.8.7 upgrade done in test. There are hotfixes too since zombies behave very aggressively. It’s not a big issue for The Dead Walk since the zombies mostly walk.

I’ve been looking for a new hosting company. The only one that looks _ok_ is GTXGaming, but even they only answered 1 email and then didn’t respond again. They are are least priced similarly. No host I’ve found yet has universally good reviews.

A lot of the other servers out there are using generic server hosting, which I can do, but it needs to be much closer to the ~$25/month we pay now, not the $50/month I see.

I’ll move and contribute the 6 months fees left in the VILYAER account, but I can’t double that.  If anyone knows of a decent, reasonably priced host, email me.



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