1.8.7 Update 11:57AM ET March 6,2016

The test is server running 1.8.7. I’m hearing that there may be a hotfix for some issues with unconscious players.

The bigger problem is that I need the hosting company, VILAYER to upgrade arma2oa server to the Dec-2015 version. I’ve submitted a ticket and I’m waiting & waiting.

Other than that, I am ready. Comments below:

  1. Walking Zombies* (like now, they sprint once in a while)
    • Working. DONE.
  2. Extra Loot
    • Working. DONE.
  3. AI Missions – Based on DZMS
    • Working. DONE.
  4. Starter Loadout – One each for Survivor / Hero / Bandit
    • Working. DONE.
  5. Map Additions
    • Working. DONE.
  6. Increased Max Vehicles to 90
    • No new coding needed.
  7. Custom Spawn Inventory for all vehicles
    • No new coding needed.
  8. Modified Vehicle Spawn Locations
    • No new coding needed.
  9. Turned off the heat/temperature requirement
    • Working. DONE.
  10. Increased the nutritional value of food and the thirst value of drink
    • May not need to change this since there is a new system.
    • The “classic” nutrition system seems to be reasonably generous. I’m going to leave it as is for now.
  11. Added all allowed vehicles to the spawns and missions
    • No new coding needed.
  12. Added MedBox back to missions
    • Working. DONE.

Other things of note:

  • The new zombies are more accurate and are tough.
    • The accuracy can be turned down a bit, but with mostly walking zombies, I don’t think its needed.
  • The hitpoint/damage code for vehicles was updated so that any damage is not less than 60%.
    • I had just finished rewriting this code, so I will most likely not adopt this change. Instead, I have various damage min/max settings for each hitpoint. Lower end vehicles will be driveable when found, but higher end vehicles and helis will need something repaired.  On a server with extra loot, this should not be an issue.
  • New guns have been added, so I will eventually add them to missions and vehicle spawns.
  • Higher end weapons can now only be found at heli crash sites (DMR, 249, 240 & others).
    •  I’m considering leaving this as is since our vehicle spawns and missions can make up for it.
  • Weapon and ammo classnames have changed, so I may need to write scripts to fix all inventory and/or mission and vehicle spawn code.
    • I’m still looking into this, but it will be invisible to you anyway.
  • I’m already hearing that if you have a base in 1.8.7, you could be stuck in it since you can’t open the gate.
    • I assume this will be in the hoxfix, but we don’t have that many bases. I can just delete the gates.

Until VILAYER updates arma2oa, I have to wait.

If your mod was auto-updated to 1.8.7, then go into Steam, Library, Right Click on DayZMod, then the Betas Tab and switch it back to 1.8.6.


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