No news, just some rambling

  • Still no word on when DayZ Mod 1.8.7 will be released. I’m part of the DayZ Mod DEV Discord channel, so I’m on top of it.
    • Don’t get too excited, since base-building is being removed.
    • Loot tables are being reworked, so it will take me time to re-implement to our generous loot style.
    • Zombies are supposed to be more accurate, so we’ll see what that means.
  • People ask if there are “active admins” on The Dead Walk. Well, there is an active admin (ME!), but not a 24×7 admin.
  • I’ve been very busy IRL, so not a lot of time to spare on development. If you want to help, check out this post.  When I’ve had time, I’ve worked on:
    • Creating a better loadout system with tiers for bandits, survivors and heroes. If I could get it to work, it would make humanity very important. I’m still struggling with player worldspace issues.
    • Tweaking the current missions. I want to spread out the Elektro Convoy missions around the map. Conceptually its easy. I just have some math problems to solve.
    • Creating some new missions. I was thinking about one with an airplane landing in a field. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just need some time. Do you have any ideas?
  • In case you were wondering, I got the group system, DZGM, working in the test server. I was waiting for someone to respond to the call for donations AND for 1.8.7 since I’d have to re-implement on that codebase.
  • People have offered to donate for loadouts. I appreciate the offer and its tempting, but we’re sticking with the original plan. All donations are for server hosting and therefore benefit everyone. Gear is very easy to find.
  • I’ve noticed an increase in people leaving vehicles in the “debug area”, basically off the map. You all know that barren area to the west and north. There is a line in the ground to mark it.  All vehicles, tents, stashes, etc. left out there will be recycled, per server rules.  While there is no line in the water to the south and east, there is a distance which the same will happen. Also, boats get recycled regularly anyway, per server rules.
  • My pet peeves:
    • “I can’t find any f—ing vehicles!” Read THIS and THIS. For the hundredth time, the inland route from Cherno/Balota to NWAF is the least likely place to find a vehicle on the map.
    • “Extra loot my ass!” Read THIS, MOVE AROUND or play a pure vanilla server and compare.
    • “Let’s go to NWAF” lol. Noob Move. Read THIS and THIS. You might find an airplane, almost never a heli and there are plenty of better places to find vehicles and gear.
    • “F—! Why did you shoot me?” Because this is a Survival and PVP Server.
    • “This server sucks” I put a lot of hours into it, so find another one.



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