Developer Wanted

I have so much to do and so little time.  The mods I’d like to try out are backing up a bit, so if you’d like to help me adapt some code to The Dead Return, let me know.

  1. You need to be experienced in coding a DayZ Mod Server.
    • It probably doesn’t matter which mod or version.
  2. You have to have your own test server or be able to set one up.
    • You have to hit the ground running.

The server is a “Vanilla+” server so I’m not looking at going full EPOCH, but I still keep finding interesting scripts or have some ideas.

For example, here are some of the scripts I’ve investigated, used and/or learned from:

  1. DayZ Mission System (DZMS)
    • Need more missions, especially a flying one.
    • Want to rewrite the DZMSBOX function to better handle object randomness.
  2. DayZ AI (DZAI)
    • Have an idea to reuse a feature from here.
  3. Hero Perk (HeroPerk)
    • Rewrote this into generic loadout code.
  4. DZAI Bus (AXEBUS)
    • Got it working, but it tended to get hung up on trash in the road, which I’m not removing. Can that be worked around?
  5. Aircraft Carrier (AC)
    • I’ve tried numerous times to get loot to spawn on the carrier. The way to do it might involve hiding other loot spawning objects underneath the deck, or maybe not.
    • This features is rumored to have existed on other defunct mod servers. Maybe you can find the source code for it.
  6. Choo Choo Trains (CCT)
    • Never got it working. Maybe it would be interesting.
  7. The J0k3r5 Pack (J0k3r5)
    • A large collection of scripts

I have a couple of other ideas too.

I can pay you DOUBLE my salary. lol.

Send me an email or message me on Discord.


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