A Stash is used for storage and is persistent through a server restart, but is subject to our cleanup rules. There is a single type of stash with 10 levels of storage. As a Stash is upgraded from small to medium,  it will change appearance and get larger.

Creating a stash requires a sandbag and either a Shovel (new in 1.8.7) or Etool. A stash created with a shovel is automatically put a few meters in front of you – there is no choice for placement.  Upgrading a stash requires an Etool.

Stashes cannot be placed in certain areas like roads and on concrete, inside buildings and such. You will simply not get the option to create it.  Be careful putting these under trees – it’s a great place to hide, but too far within a tree and the tent may become inaccessible.

The player who creates a Stash is  considered the owner, although anyone can access it. Ownership is lost after the player dies, although the Stash is still accessible and persistent. Ownership is not transferable.

Once a Stash has been created, the owner can:

  1. Upgrade the Stash. Each level of upgrade requires an Etool and a  Wood Pile. The last 2 upgrades also require nails.

The table includes the Class [Name] and capacity of Weapons, Items & Backpacks (always zero).

 # Class [Name] W I B
1. StashSmall [Stash]  0  12  0
2. StashSmall1 [Stash +]  0  14  0
3. StashSmall2 [Stash ++]  0  16  0
4. StashSmall3 [Stash +++]  0  18  0
5. StashSmall4 [Stash ++++]  0  20  0
6. StashMedium [StashMedium] 1 25 0
7. StashMedium [StashMedium +] 2 50 0
8. StashMedium2 [StashMedium ++] 4 75 0
9. StashMedium3 [StashMedium +++] 8 100 0
10. StashMedium4 [StashMedium ++++] 16 125 0

3 thoughts on “Stashes

  1. I found the shovel could only create the initial stash. Any upgrades asked for an etool. I then found one and then was able to upgrade the stash. Is this fixed, so only the shovel is required?


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