How-To Build a Fire

A fire is used to keep warm, cook food and boil water.

To build a fireplace, you’ll need:

  1. Matches
  2. Wood Pile or Wooden Log

Make sure the wood is in your main inventory then right click on the matches and choose ‘Create Fireplace’.

If it won’t let you create it, then you are probably too close to water, inside a building or maybe near a road. Move around and you’ll find a spot.

Base Fires were removed in 1.8.8

Once you have created a fireplace (which will disappear after server restart), you can upgrade it to a Base Fire. A Base Fire is persistent through a server restart.

  1. An ETool
  2. Wood Pile or Wooden Log
  3. Rough Stone

The Fireplace will have an option to “Create Base Fire”. If you want to relight the fire after its gone out, you must add wood to the fire (Wood Pile or Wooden Log). If you don’t,  the fire will go out immediately and you will have wasted a match.

Base Fires are subject to cleanup rules.


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