Camping Tents

A Camping Tent is used for storage and is persistent through a server restart, but is subject to our cleanup rules.

Camping Tents can be found in Residential Buildings, Castles, Markets and at Care Packages and Infected Camps.

A Camping Tent requires 3 empty slots in your main inventory to pick up.  Camping Tents cannot be placed in certain areas like roads and on concrete, inside buildings and such. You will simply not get the option to complete it.  Be careful putting these under trees – it’s a great place to hide, but too far within a tree and the tent may become inaccessible.

The player who pitched a tent is  considered the owner, although anyone can access it. Ownership is lost after the player dies, although the tent is still accessible and persistent. Ownership is not transferable.

Once a camping tent has been pitched, the owner can:

  1. Upgrade the camping tent. Each level of upgrade requires a ToolBox, a Wood Pile and a Crate.
  2. Repack the Camping Tent and pitch it elsewhere.

Once a camping tent has been pitched, the anyone can:

  1. Rest in the camping tent – which restores blood and may cure an infection.


The table includes the Class [Name] and capacity of Weapons, Items & Backpacks.

 # Class [Name] W I B
1. TentStorage [CampingTent]  10  130  5
2. TentStorage0 [CampingTent +]  12  140  5
3. TentStorage1 [CampingTent ++]  14  150  5
4. TentStorage2  [CampingTent +++]  16  160  5
5. TentStorage3  [CampingTent ++++]  18  170 5
6. TentStorage4  [CampingTent +++++]  20  180 5

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