Reporting Bugs, Glitches & Issues

You can ask for the admin in chat and if I’m around I’ll discuss it, but ideally send me an email with the date/time, a screen shot if needed and all of the information about the bug, glitch or issue.

I will look into all of them, time permitting, but just keep a few things in mind:

  1. The server has been stable in regard to my added code for months
  2. I do not maintain the Dayz Mod code.
    1. Official forum for DayZ Mod
    2. Source Code GitHub for DayZ Mod
  3. Bohemia can release patches to Arma2: OA which DayZ Mod is based on. These will get downloaded to your client automatically.
    1. Bohemia released a patch and hotfix in December 2015.
    2. Official forum for Arma2: OA

I can tell you now that most of the glitches are outside of my control.

Email Ski Goggles


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