Mountains and Hills

There are 3 named mountains and 17 smaller named hills in Chernarus. Some of these are excellent vantage points for viewing towns and cities before entering. Some are remote and better for camping.


  1. Black Mountain
    1. Located in the northeast near Krasnostov
    2. Some type of stone ruins
    3. Rumored to be a vehicle spawn location.
  2. Green Mountain
    • Located in the west between Sosnovka, Pogarevak and Zelenegorsk.
    • Home to a small military communications complex and a large antennae tower.
    • Vehicle spawn location
  3. Windy Mountain
    • Wooded area in the southwest between Drozhino, Kovlovka and Bor.


  1. Altar
    1. East of Gorka on the way to Prud Lake
    2. Rumored to be a vehicle spawn location.
  2. Baranchik
    • Located in the northwest between Vybor, Kabanino, Rogovo and Pushtoshka.
  3. Bashnya
  4. Dobryy
    • Located in the south, above the eastern edge of Elektro and behind the infamous “Sniper Hill”.
    • Conveniently located near Topolka Dam, the Elektro Power Plant and the coast.
  5. Klen
  6. Kurgan
    • Located North of Drozhino
  7. Kustryk
    • Located between Kozlovka and Pulkovo
  8. Lesnoy Khrebet
    • Located east of Novy Sobor
  9. Little Hill
    • Located between Nadezhdino and Mogilevka
  10.  Malinovka
    • Located southeast of Polana.
  11. Olsha
  12. Ostry
  13. Pop Ivan
    • Located Northeast of Vyshnoye
  14. Pustoy Khrebet
    • Located in the east between Staroye and Msta
  15.  Skalka
    • Located in the northwest, off the road to nowhere.
    • Just past a small lumber yard, a rumored vehicle spawn location.
  16.  Vysota
    • Located just above Cherno and excellent vantage point into the city.
  17. Vysoky Kamen
    • Located in the south, just north of  Pusta.



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