Elektrozavodsk (Elektro)

Elektrozavodsk or Elektro, as most players call it, is one of the 2 major southern coastal cities of Chernarus.

Elektro is a popular player spawn location. There is a firestation in the northeast part of Elektro, not too far from the Church, School, Market and down the road from the Power Station. The Power Station also has a firestation within its walls.

The hills above Elektro are a popular sniping spot, as are some of the taller buildings.

There are plenty of buildings to loot including houses, sheds, markets, firestations, warehouses, a school and more.

On the west side of Elektro, there is a long barn and a gas station leaving the city toward Chernogorsk.

Elektro is rumored to be a spawn location for helicopters as well as other vehicles.

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