How-To Fix Vehicles

Most vehicles spawn needing some repairs. Once you find a toolbox, you can go up to a vehicle and get a menu that tells you the repairs needed.

Vehicles do not necessarily need to be fixed 100%. You’ll find that vehicles will take much less abuse before exploding or becoming disabled if they are 100% repaired though.  Helicopters may not hold fuel if not repaired 100%.

Parts that can be found and used include:

  1. Wheel
    • Takes 6 slots
  2. Glass
    • Takes 2 slots
  3. Fuel Tank
    • Takes 2 Slots
  4. Scrap Metal
    • Takes 3 Slots
  5. Engine
    • Takes 10 Slots
  6. Main Rotor
    • Takes 8 slots
    • Can only be found at helicopter crashes and in hangars.

If you can’t find parts, you can try and salvage them off of another vehicle. Make sure you have enough room in your inventory.


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