How-To Boil Water

While it’s not required that you boil water before drinking, it is highly recommended.

You nee 2 things to boil water:

  1. Water Bottle
    • Must not be broken – if it is broken, you’ll need some duct tape to fix it.
    • Must be full of water – you must fill it in a pond or lake, you cannot use the ocean or rainwater.
  2. Empty Tin Can
    • You can either find one or you can eat a can of food or drink something and pick up the empty can. It may be hard to see in the grass, but its there.

Build a fire and then get close and you’ll get an option to ‘boil water’. ¬†Sometimes the water bottle(s) break while boiling. If that happens, you’ll need duct tape to fix it – one roll per bottle.


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