How-To Change the Splash Screen

This information is valid for DayZ Mod and could change, but you’ll get the idea. I’m sure I found this online someplace, so I’ll give credit to whoever figured it out.

  1. Find the file description.ext in the mission folder
    • It should be in a directory like \DayZServer\MpMissions\dayz_1337.chernaurus\
  2. Look for the line:
    • loadScreen = “\z\addons\dayz_code\gui\loadingscreen.paa”;
  3. Change to :
    • loadscreen = “NameOfYourSplashScreen.jpg”;

The new splash screen should go into the same directory and should be in a 2×1 aspect ratio, like 1024×512 or 2048×1024.  I suggest something that’s cartoonish that compresses well in the jpg format. The reason is that mission file is downloaded to each player and it usually small so you don’t want to make it huge with a single image.


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