Military Sites

There are a number of Military Sites on the map including airfields, camps, bases and checkpoints. These sites are rich in military gear, medical supplies, vehicles, maps, clothing and more.

Some of the more popular ones include:

  1. Military Checkpoint at Kamyshovo
  2. Elektro Medical Camp
  3. Cherno Medical Camp + Helipad
  4. Balota Medical Camp + Helipad
  5. Northeast Air Field
  6. Northwest Air Field (additions to it)
  7. Northwest Air Field Annex
  8. Balota Airstrip (additions to it)
  9. Berenzino Medical Camp + Helipad
  10. Base at Novy Lug (add-on)
  11. Base on Klen (add-on)
  12. Base at Dichina (add-on)
  13. Stary Sobor Military Camp + Helipad
  14. The Northern Military Zone (add-on)

There are others – let us know if you find more.


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