Hackers and Hacking

Most of the hacking seems to be teleporting people either to a location on the regular map or off the map and then killing everyone.  Other hacking has included mass-duplication of vehicles and/or mass-destruction of vehicles..

If something like this starts to happen, you may be able to avoid it by disconnecting immediately. Esc, then Alt-F4 to force exit might help since you current bad location or death may not yet be recorded in the database.

If you do get transported or killed and I am aware of a hack, I might be able to restore your position and/or gear. Maybe. If you didn’t have anything important, please keep playing since its a manual process for each player.

If you suspect someone is hacking, please email me if I’m not online. Include any and all information you can gather including:

  • Reason for suspecting a hacker
  • Player Name
  • Date & Time
  • Screenshot of player list
  • Screenshot of any activity

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