Glitches & Bugs

Unfortunately, DayZ Mod has a few glitches and bugs that seem to plague it.

  1. If you login and all the tents, stashes, vehicles and anything else player-made is missing, then its a glitch.
    • After restart, the first player that logs in causes all of the objects to load. If that player gets disconnected or an error occurs, nothing will load for anyone.  The server needs to be restarted to fix this.
  2. Backpacks can disappear [fixed in 1.8.7]
    • This almost always happens when you change clothes/skins while wearing a backpack. Put it down first. If you forget and have a friend nearby, they may still see it and should pick it up and put it down for you.
    • This sometimes happens on restart. No idea why, but I hope it is related to the skin issue.

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