Vehicle Usage

Vehicles are transportation and not storage

  • Vehicles are meant to be driven and flown, not parked in the woods or in bases for extended periods of time.
  • Taking the wheels off of a vehicle and/or having it mostly damaged and not able to move sure makes it look like storage.
  • Letting a vehicle sit with no gas sure makes it look like storage.

Do not put vehicles in inaccessible places to other players (not bases)

  • Generally this means on top of roofs, but I’m sure there is someplace else I haven’t thought of.

Do not hoard vehicles

  • The definition of hoarding – “…a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects…”

“But Ski, my clan has 8 players and we have only have 8 cars and we’re going to use them all. That’s ok since its just 1 per player, right?”

  • I’ve been running a server for a few years and I can guarantee that vehicle usage DOES NOT increase with the number of players using a base.
  • Eventually some vehicles get salvaged, are used for storage, or are are kept to prevent others from using or having them (heli, guntruck, SUV, HMMV)
  • Vehicles also get “saved” because players are too afraid to lose them (heli, guntruck, SUV, HMMV)
  • Hint – bases are targets, so the more you have, the bigger a target you are.
  • Hint – if you put everything in one spot and it gets raided, you’ll have NOTHING.

I do not constantly count vehicles in bases or clusters together.

  1. I do spot check for clusters
  2. I watch for chat about not being able to find vehicles or bases with large numbers of vehicles
  3. If #1 and #2 are TRUE, then:
    1. I can look in the database to see if a vehicle was touched recently
    2. I can look in the logs to see if a vehicle was moved recently
    3. I can see who owns the base, tents or stashes nearby
    4. I will, at least, harass you to thin out your collection


I’d like to avoid setting up STRICT rules to enforce, so let’s keep the honor system for now.

12 thoughts on “Vehicle Usage

  1. Need inactive respawn on vehicles after a few days of not being touched. Long enough that people can access etc to reset the timer.
    As it is you can barely find a vehicle. When you do parts are rare enough to find, so it wouldn’t be a big issue seeing them around a little more.


  2. I dont know if this is the right place to post it, but yesterday i disconnected when next to my vehicle, and today i spawned in a totally different place. Is that normal?


  3. A friend and i had two motorcycles, both with bad wheels. My friend parks his and logs off for the night. I continue to play looking for wheels and i notice that the server restart is soon so i park my motorcycle and log off. After the server restart, my bike is still where i left it but the wheel was fixed (green)? Thats probably not normal right?

    I drive back to where my friend had left his bike to see if that one was fixed too but the bike was gone. Someone could’ve taken it but since i experienced weirdness with the first bike i wanted to ask if sometimes the vehicles glitch back to their spawns?

    Thank you for any clarification


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