Vehicle Usage

Vehicles are transportation and not storage

  • Vehicles are meant to be driven and flown, not parked in the woods or in bases for extended periods of time.
  • Taking the wheels off of a vehicle and/or having it mostly damaged and not able to move sure makes it look like storage.
  • Letting a vehicle sit with no gas sure makes it look like storage.

Do not put vehicles in inaccessible places to other players (not bases)

  • Generally this means on top of roofs, but I’m sure there is someplace else I haven’t thought of.

Do not hoard vehicles

  • The definition of hoarding – “…a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects…”

“But Ski, my clan has 8 players and we have only have 8 cars and we’re going to use them all. That’s ok since its just 1 per player, right?”

  • I’ve been running a server for a few years and I can guarantee that vehicle usage DOES NOT increase with the number of players using a base.
  • Eventually some vehicles get salvaged, are used for storage, or are are kept to prevent others from using or having them (heli, guntruck, SUV, HMMV)
  • Vehicles also get “saved” because players are too afraid to lose them (heli, guntruck, SUV, HMMV)
  • Hint – bases are targets, so the more you have, the bigger a target you are.
  • Hint – if you put everything in one spot and it gets raided, you’ll have NOTHING.

I do not constantly count vehicles in bases or clusters together.

  1. I do spot check for clusters
  2. I watch for chat about not being able to find vehicles or bases with large numbers of vehicles
  3. If #1 and #2 are TRUE, then:
    1. I can look in the database to see if a vehicle was touched recently
    2. I can look in the logs to see if a vehicle was moved recently
    3. I can see who owns the base, tents or stashes nearby
    4. I will, at least, harass you to thin out your collection


I’d like to avoid setting up STRICT rules to enforce, so let’s keep the honor system for now.


7 thoughts on “Vehicle Usage

  1. Need inactive respawn on vehicles after a few days of not being touched. Long enough that people can access etc to reset the timer.
    As it is you can barely find a vehicle. When you do parts are rare enough to find, so it wouldn’t be a big issue seeing them around a little more.


  2. I dont know if this is the right place to post it, but yesterday i disconnected when next to my vehicle, and today i spawned in a totally different place. Is that normal?


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