Vehicle Spawn Inventory

As of, vehicle spawn inventory is easily customizable. I spent a lot of time on themes and lists of items that will randomly spawn with vehicles.

Specific Spawn Inventory Themes for:


  1. Motorcycles
  2. Military Pickup w/ mounted gun
  3. Mi-17
  4. Little Birds
  5. PBX
  6. Humvee
  7. UN (White UAZ)
  8. Other UAZ
  9. Offroad
  10. Pickup Truck
  11. ATV
  12. Hueys
  13. Skoda & Volha Sedans
  14. SUV
  15. Blue Van
  16. Ural Civil
  17. Sedan & Hatchback
  18. Fishing Boat
  19. Bus
  20. V3s
  21. Small Boat
  22. An2 Military
  23. An2 Civilian

Have you found one of these at a spawn location? Can you guess the theme?



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