I am open to suggestions on how to improve gameplay on the server.  While I do encourage PVP and survival, I feel like there are enough weapons and reasons for PVP.

I’m not looking to make this an epoch server. There are enough epoch servers out there already.

I’m looking for improvements that encourage survival and make the server better for everyone.

Leave a comment below or email your suggestions to Ski Goggles


14 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. I have a general question about TENTS and their LONGEVITY.
    Your server is running 1.8.7. I think. I hear if you swap around your inventory in tents, they won’t disappear upon the server UPDATE ( not the server restart ever 6 hours) . So, Ski Goggles, I ask you, in your opinion how long do tents w/ inventory last on your server good sir? How often do you update the server?

    I have heard in v1.6 ( I think that’s the version) if you switch around your inventory it resets the timer, pretty much means they NEVER disappear.




    1. Ok. Dayz vanilla has no code to remove tents that are not empty. I had a policy that I _could_ remove them after 60 days of inactivity. This is to simply speed up the loading and since you aren’t coming back. I have not been doing that.

      Finally, on upgrade of the server, tents would only get removed if the entire db needs to be wiped due to incompatible code, etc. As far as I know the next release has no such issues and I would not wipe just because.

      I have heard other servers will be wiping for 188 since base building is come back. I don’t understand why.


  2. Hello i have 3 suggestions/questions for the server 😀 and if you cant add them can you explain why ? 😛

    1. Disable Crosshair on server.
    2. Add longer duration for buildable items like Cammo Nets Steel Hedgehog Bear Traps etc. because they despawn so fast
    3. Enable Temperature


    1. #1 probably not.
      #2 I’ll take look but yeah the vanilla settings are low
      #3 I was going to with the 188 upgrade but almost froze testing last night so I turned it off for now. Once 188 is patched up I think ill add it back but a slower rate and build up


  3. Suggestion for NAPF

    Lower bandit AI deadliness with one or more of these options
    1) reduce spawn chance
    2) spawn them farther from players
    3) put in a despawn time limit / they wander away after not finding target in X minutes
    4) make zombies hostile to them (not sure if possible, throwing it out there)
    5) Lower amount of bandit squads to 5 or less
    6) No more helicopter death strafe runs that leave you trapped in a building till you commit suicide by crawling out and going rambo 😦 (alternatively despawn helicopter after X minutes regardless if target player is in view)
    7) make AI pathfinding less of a beeline to a player regardless of LOS

    Thanks for the servers, just started playing. Feels good to find a Vanilla (mostly) NAPF


  4. Hi, thanks for all the work realized with the server. Just one ask:
    Can be implemented new building scripts? for example, fountains, little bases from epoch mod, etc. or new ways to secure our rewards, vehicles.

    For me, if there were a high range of constructions the server would be completely complete. But hey, the server is of 10!!

    Thanks again for make a place for fun!


  5. hi Skygoogles.
    I have been playing around in the server latelly, and im having a good time. so first of all Thank you for the server.
    and well i have a question. we need “screws” to build a gate or fence? cause i was building one and it asked me for screws, but i havent seen those around. or maybe are they harder to fing than the padlock? maybe i have to craft em?.


  6. Pensei em colocar mais um período de noite no servidor, como agora parece ser 5 horas de dia e 1 hora de noite, ficaria legal 4 horas de dia e 2 horas de noite, pois haveria mais tensão e ansiedade, muito bom para sobrevivência. E claro que 2 horas seguidas de noite é muito puxado, tenho duas ideias para a noite:
    1ª: 2 horas dia > 1 hora noite > 2 horas dia > 1 hora noite (6 horas, 4h dia, 2h noite).
    2ª: 2 h 15 min dia > 45 min noite > 2 h 15 min dia > 45 min noite (6 horas, 4 horas e 30 minutos dia, 1 hora e 30 minutos noite).

    Apenas uma ideia para caso gostem.

    ~ Marcos Lover, Brasil


  7. Eu também gosto da noite. Eu concordo que isso torna o jogo mais intenso.
    A idéia de 4/2 é tecnicamente possível, mas a outra não é.
    De qualquer forma, nos últimos 3 ou 4 anos, aprendi que a maioria dos jogadores não quer passar a noite.
    Eu até criei um servidor noturno com luar e algumas luzes de rua e poucos jogadores vieram.

    I like the night as well. I agree that it makes the game more intense.
    The 4/2 idea is technically possible but the other is not.
    Anyway, over the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve learned that most players do not want night time.
    I even created a night server with moonlight and some street lights and very few players came.


  8. Isso é verdade, a preferência é para a maioria, e também o servidor está muito bom do jeito que está agora, uma hora de noite da pra se divertir bastante.
    Meus agradecimentos!

    This is true, the preference is for the majority, and the server is also very good the way he is now, one hour at night to have enough fun.
    My thanks!


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