Player Behavior

Simple Rules

The server is not run via democracy. I have the final decision on punishments and I have yet to reverse a permanent ban. For your information, most warnings and bans are given for disrespect and language. That sounds harsh, but I’m fair – ask around.

We have a few simple rules to follow. The basic idea is that we want you and others to play the game. Remember, it is just a game.

  1. Hacking/Glitching/Duping/etc. = Permanent BAN [no warning]
    • This is self-explanatory – NO CHEATING.
    • This includes and is not limited to transporting, glitching into bases, duping (creating duplicate inventory items), creating invalid objects and anything else not naturally part of the game.
    • Playing with a cheater makes you a cheater by association.
  2. Combat Logging = Temporary BAN and/or PLAYER DEATH [usually a warning first]
    • Don’t EXIT THE GAME in the middle of a fight.
    • Everyone knows that Combat logging is when you exit the game, generally using Alt-F4, while in the middle of a fight.
  3. Logging out in another players base = Temporary BAN and/or PLAYER DEATH 
    • Raid and get out. Don’t stay.
  4. DISRESPECT = Permanent BAN [usually a warning first]
    • We know you can curse, but it should not be a majority of what you say. I don’t know why people seem to have a hard time with this one.
    • No racism, homophobia or any other degrading talk
    • No offensive player names, including Nazi references.
    • Since there is no ownership of ANYTHING not on your person and since this server encourages PVP, don’t grief, freak out, scream at, curse, degrade or berate other players when you get killed or your base gets raided. That’s playing the game.
    • If I review the logs and you’ve been spouting off constantly, you will probably get a warning but it depends on what you’ve said and my mood.
      • I may kill your player
      • I may give you a temporary ban
      • I may give you a permanent ban
    • This is automatically handled by the server code.
    • If you continue to do it, you will be banned.

If you try to login and see a BattlEye Global Ban, then you have cheated in some way, at some point, and were caught by the automatic BattlEye service. I accept their bans and have no further control over it.

If you try to login and see a BattlEye Admin Ban then you have violated the server rules and were banned. You can try and plead your case, but I doubt it will help.

Just so you know, we share ban information with other DayZ Mod servers. If you are banned here because of a shared ban, you’ll have to get unbanned from the original server. I will not unban you.

If you have VAC Bans via Steam, I reserve the right to ban you since that also means you have cheated at some point.


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