How-To Build a Base

[This section needs to be updated for DayZ Mod 1.8.9/1.9.0 which has tweaked the building and maintaining of bases by adding screws into the mix]

Base Buildings Rules HERE.

We support vanilla, generic base-building of  wooden walls, gates and sandbag walls. Whatever vanilla enables, The Dead Return will have. Nothing more.
You’ll need the following tools and supplies:

  1. eTool – found mainly in military areas.
  2. Tool Box – for gates
  3. Hatchet – to chop trees, to make planks from logs and wood piles from planks
  4. Pickaxe – to mine rough stone
  5. Duct Tape and Levers – to fix broken handles on pick axes and hatchets.
  6. Padlocks – to put a lock on your gate. Found only at castles
  7. DIY Wood – to build wooden walls
  8. DIY Gates – to build wooden gates
  9. DIY Metal- Removed in release because it didn’t have a purpose.
  10. Rough stone – mine from rocks
  11. Wooden Logs – harvest from trees
  12. Sandbags – to build sandbag walls
  13. Sawn Planks – created from wood logs
  14. Wood Piles – created from Sawn Planks
  15. Nails – can be crafted from metal sheets (diamond plate)

Construction sites and trains are a great place to loot for supplies.

Here is a guide from  another website.

There is a menu item called “lock”. If you lock a portion of a base, other players cannot continue building it.


4 thoughts on “How-To Build a Base

    1. Hi, ive been playing on the server for quite some time and cant seem to find these books, ive been through kamenka, balota, cherno and electro, but nothing, could you please look into this as i really wanna build a base. Thanks, Regards Kricsus


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